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Frenessi, capsule i nmersión gastronomic that transcends the limits of reality .

Frenessí, the gastronomic capsule that goes beyond the limits of reality.

An entire experience created for those who want to push their senses to the limit.


Frenessí, is the new restaurant of the Seratta Group (Seratta Gourmand Market, Viva la Vida, Descortés and Giornatta) where you can enjoy an experiential menu that will make you travel through worlds never imagined. You will awaken your five senses as you embark on an adventure where you will know thousands of worlds without getting up from your chair.


We will literally take you to the clouds!


Do not stay with the curiosity and know the first restaurant in Colombia with a single table and endless experiences created through virtual reality.


Welcome to the future of Gastronomy!


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